Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congratulations America !!!

congratulations to all americans for choosing obama as the democrat nominee for the president of the united states.....he stands out from the other candidates as solid & worthy of the trust you'll have put in him...may he win & God bless...keep making history, OBAMA.....I SUPPORT !!!

Wilson Gangmei from NAGALAND

Monday, May 26, 2008

A glimpse of the Tamenglong District of Manipur, India.

The northeastern block of India comprises of seven states, popularly known as seven sisters. Manipur is one of the states, which has been covered with fame and is known in every corner of the globe for its pure and rich cultural heritage also for Sports. Out of the state's eight districts, Tamenglong is located along the western boundary of the state.
Tamenglong is entirely composed of hills, ranges and narrow valleys. The hilltops and valley sides are dotted with small hamlets, located at strategic points.
The land was believed to have been formed due to orogenic movement during cretaceous and Eocene period. The main rock formations are sandstone, shale, schist. Due to weak and fragile nature of rocks and high gradient of the hill slopes, landslide is a common phenomenon in the whole district in rainy season.
Tamenglong HQ can be reached through Roadways. From Imphal (State Capital) three buses depart at 6.00 am weekdays (except Sunday) to reach Tamenglong the same afternoon.

Wilson Gangmei
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